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The Kitchen Table Dress



If you know anything about farms, you know about the kitchen table.
How do you have it? Milk? Just a dash?? Doesn’t matter who or what you are, you come and have a cup of tea at the kitchen table. It's from the old shearers quarters and sits nearly 20. It's had more bums on seats than it's had hot dinners.

It's as comforting, relaxing & fun as pulling on this dress popping on your favourite slides, fluffing up your hair and walking out the door. As happy & relaxed as you are sitting around the table with your family. Earthy Sunset Tones in Linen Viscose that just gets better with time.

Like all of us.

Fits true to size.
Midi dress.
Gentle elasticated and puffed sleeves.
V style neck & A-line styled dress. 
Linen Viscose.